Our Admissions Process

Decisions about where and how to educate your child are among the most important you will make as a parent. The Fletcher School is committed to the principle that education is a partnership with parents.

We offer a distinctly Christian and distinctively classical form of education designed to create life-long learners who pursue truth, beauty, and goodness in all endeavors. Our curriculum acknowledges that Christ rules over all creation and is at the core of what we teach, hence the name. Our teachers love their students and are intentional about educating the whole person made in the image of God. We’d be delighted to receive your application today.

Ready to Begin?

Steps to Admission

1. Complete Application

Fill out the online application form at the link below.

2. Pay the Application Fee

You can pay the $50 application fee online or by sending or bringing a check to the school offices.

3. Read An Introduction to Classical Education

You can find this text below. Be prepared to discuss it during your interview.

4. Schedule Your Student for Testing and Interview

Every new student is tested for their academic and behavioral preparation for The Fletcher School. The testing process takes about 30-40 minutes and helps our teachers assess the likely success of a student in the grade for which he or she applied. No specific score is required. Rather we judge the general preparation of student in core subjects like math, reading, and writing.

5. Schedule a Parent Interview

All parents or guardians are interviewed by an administrator at The Fletcher School. This helps us to assess new applicants based on our school’s vision and culture. Families are assessed based upon: 1) Family Support, 2) A family faith that aligns with our statement of faith, 3) A basic understanding of classical Christian education, and 4) Application documents turned into the office.

2024-2025 Cottage School Pricing

Tuition & Fees

The Fletcher School strives to be as transparent when it comes to the cost of the education we offer. Hidden convenience fees, unknown costs, and other expenses are hard to anticipate. It is because of this that we have tried to eliminate and minimize the miscellaneous fees and costs associated with application and enrollment. Parents will not be required to pay any additional costs for curriculum, technology fees, etc. Below is a list of the fees and expenses you can expect.

Lower School (Grades K-5)

Enrollment Fee

Per Student*

Tuition Per Student

First Student


Sibling Tuition


Upper School (Grades 6-12)

Enrollment Fee

Per Student*

Tuition Per Student

First Student


Sibling Tuition


Families who pre-pay the total tuition before July 1, 2024, will receive an additional 6% tuition discount.

*Enrollment Fee reserves your spot and covers student’s curriculum. It is non-refundable and required for each student.


Acceptance and Admittance

Each application will be submitted to the Fletcher School Admissions Committee for review. Students will be accepted based upon the information above. Acceptance means that we believe that we can serve your family and there is a fit with our community. A student is admitted only when we have a seat for them in a classroom.