Forming the next generation of Christian leaders who are classically trained in virtue, wisdom, and eloquence.

A classical education is one which is unapologetically traditional and forms body and soul…

Christian Education flows from a conviction regarding the truths of God’s revealed Word…

We seek to graduate young men and women who trust and obey the Lord Jesus Christ…

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Why The Fletcher School?

Over the last century, and the past several decades in particular, there has been an increased secularization of the modern education system. The Fletcher School seeks to return to a method of education that has produced many of the great men and women of history. 

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The Fletcher School

The goal is formation, not mere information.

Children are created in the image of God with incredible potential. Our desire is to see each of our students reach maturity; that their minds, affections, bodies, and beliefs would be cultivated in order to know God rightly, to serve Him well, and to enjoy His many blessings.


Education for the Whole Person


An intellect taught the truth and trained to discover the truth for itself.


A frame disciplined for self-control, courage, and perseverance.


A heart cultivated in virtue, beauty, and the beatific vision.


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